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Now if you are looking at the cleaning services that we extend to our esteemed customers in and around the Brisbane North area, it includes:

1. House Washing- External House Washing

2. Window Cleaning

3. Low and High Pressure Cleaning and Washing

Here is a detailed version of the set of cleaning services we offer:

Due to the ravages of time, the changing weathers, pollution, dust and dirt build-up, it is but natural that the exterior façade of your house will show signs of lifelessness and dullness because the external surface stands exposed to all of these vagaries.
The windows too are exposed to the outside dust and dirt build-up. And eventually they cause streaks and stains on the window and thus cloud them and it will impact visibility too. Most of all, it will look very dreary and uninviting and unclean windows can definitely in turn affect the look of your house.
A nice pressure cleaning and washing service will literally in all ways transform and make over the driveway, outdoor area, pathway, patio, balcony, retaining walls, walkway, fencing, pavers and the pool area in all ways possible. Whatever be the type of material, brick, concrete, stone or even paver blocks, the pressure cleaning is as effective as it can get. The final effect after a pressure cleaning and washing which is either low pressure or high pressure is dramatic and impressive.
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